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Los Angeles Mortgage Refinance

Refinancing your mortgage is a great way to use the equity you have in your home.

Reasons to Refinance

The first step in deciding whether you should refinance is to establish your goals. The most common reasons for refinancing a mortgage are to take cash out, get a lower payment or shorten your mortgage term. Refinance Options in Los Angeles and the Entire State of California.


Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is a costly expense that exists to protect the lender in case of default on a home. Owners are subject to PMI until they own 20% of the equity in their property. With home values dramatically increasing in recent months, many homeowners qualify to remove their PMI without realizing it. Even if you just recently purchased your home, call us and we can help you identify if you are eligible to remove PMI and save you hundreds of dollars monthly.


Interest rates are still near all-time lows and there may be an opportunity to lower your rate and save you on your monthly payment. Refinance programs at no cost to you are available; call and find out more.


Homeowners can take cash out against the equity in their home to use for several different reasons. Interest rates are still near all-time lows and accessing the equity in your home has never been easier. The following are the top reasons why a homeowner may want to cash-out refinance.

  • Home Improvements
  • Pay Down High Interest Debt
  • Dream Vacation
  • College Tuition
  • Invest in New Property


A reverse mortgage is an agreement in which the homeowner uses the equity in their home to receive monthly payments instead of making monthly payments. After each month the equity in their home will lower, but they will be able to use the monthly payments to help supplement their retirement. We can discuss all the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage as part of a free consultation.

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